About Us

Grassroots action, global change

Going green needn’t feel overwhelming and difficult.

At Eco Essex we are committed to helping individuals, families, schools and businesses make informed choices and purposeful changes for a greener now, and a brighter tomorrow.

Through a combination of free educational content, resources, community meet-ups, news updates and recommendations, and our great value courses, workshops and mentoring; we work hard to dispel the myth that the problem is too big for us to make a difference.

We are committed to helping you on your eco journey – regardless of your starting point or destination. Whether you’ve already made many changes to your lifestyle but are eager to take the next bigger steps or are currently living your most frivolous, throwaway life and would like to make the odd switch up, we invite you all to join our community.

Use us and our services as often or little as suits you.

We won’t pressure or guilt-trip you, we won’t roll our eyes if you ask us a question, we won’t preach or reproach – we’re not those people. 

We are here to make your life easier, not harder.

Since 2018, Eco Essex have been serving the local community, and beyond, with practical tips and advice, and sharing everything we know about environmental sustainability.

We believe that to achieve real, lasting and viable change, we must work together and take individual responsibility for the choices we make every day.

Whether it’s one person’s reusable coffee cup, or a whole business switching to more sustainable procedures and suppliers, it all matters and it all starts with being brave enough to educate ourselves, and strong enough to take action.

Eco Essex also understands that the sheer volume of often contradictory information out there can make “doing your bit” feel like tiptoeing through a minefield of misinformation, whilst being watched and critiqued by those who really should know better.

Living more sustainably and being actively environmentally-friendly isn’t always as easy as some make out and it’s easy to flounder or be overwhelmed by false claims, virtue-signalling and judgement. We know this all too well as it was as fallible but enthusiastic would-be eco warriors that we founded Eco Essex in the first place. 

We won’t pretend to know it all – because we don’t, no one does. What we will do though, is help you to broaden your knowledge, increase your options of environmentally-conscious alternatives, connect you with like-minded people – in and beyond your local area and keep you in the know about the stuff that really matters.

Eco Essex serves the geographical community of Essex, as well as those who follow our updates, advice, info and services from much further afield. We take action at a grassroots level, with the belief that this sparks change on a global scale.


Hannah Dalton

Hi, I’m Hannah; one of the founders of Eco Essex. 

I have always been environmentally conscious, my parents have always taught me to recycle, and consider the environment. But when I was expecting my first daughter I really started to worry about the state of the world I was leaving to her. I started with cloth nappies, and everything has come from there!  

Eco Essex was founded by myself and Sam in October 2018.  It started as a group for a few like minded mums to talk and evolved into something much better. We realised we could really have an impact and help people around Essex live a more sustainable life. My particular passions are education, everyday living, and sustainable sanitary products.

I’ve run ‘Intro to sustainable living’ workshops for the local authority, teaching new parents how to live a more environmentally-conscious life, and I’ve really enjoyed running sustainable sanitary workshops for youth and community groups.

I love the work I do for Eco Essex and really have a passion for helping others make sustainable changes!

Outside of Eco Essex, I am a lucky mum of two beautiful Daughters, Beth who is 5 and Alexis who is 18 months.  I work part time for a Bank in the city, and when I’m not working I love travelling the UK with my family. After many years of camping, this year we invested in a camper van, allowing us to travel the country whilst continuing to live our eco lifestyle.

Sam Pitman

Hi, I’m Sam; the other founder of Eco Essex.

I thought I was doing a good job at being eco-friendly; we’d had a Hybrid car for ten years, solar panels, and I used cloth nappies with my children. But after chatting to Hannah and other friends, it soon became apparent that there was sooo much more that we could all do.

Although I am passionate about all things eco, I have a keen interest in supporting small businesses to make positive environmental and ethical choices which I do through our business Facebook group, workshops and business mentoring.

I’m also keen on supporting the education of our future generations through Sustainable Fundraising meetings for PTAs, and am heavily involved with my own local group, whilst supporting admins from the other Essex groups should they seek it.

Pre-Covid, I was super excited to run our temporary HQ where Eco Essex collaborated with our local group (Rochford) to hold various events, workshops & meetings. Although this was short lived, it gave me hope about what difference we can all make as a group of people working together for a great cause. 

When I am not working with Eco Essex, I am a stay at home mum to three daughters aged 7, and 3 year old twins. They share my passion for nature and keep me equally as busy!

Eco Essex Group Moderators

Grace Darke

Group Moderator

Mother of two young children, living in Colchester. 

Grace has a Bachelor degree with honours in Animal Science, with a special interest in conservation and ecology, and spent the last 10 years working in the education system as a manager, teacher and writer, developing training packages for tertiary education including higher education. 

Grace left her career to devote her time to campaigning for the environment and now coordinates Eco Colchester and works closely with En-form; Colchester’s environment centre, and Route 51; a community social enterprise encouraging sustainable travel and cleaner air.

Samantha Lofts

Group Moderator

As a mum of 2 and working full time in a fast paced job, I have attended many meetings, protests and groups regarding the Environment, including Climate change strikes with my daughter, and more recently felt the need to do more, such as supporting Eco Essex and Southend Vegan Festival.

Trying to be more eco friendly and sustainable is hard work and at times I can feel quite disheartened and overwhelmed by how huge the problems are, but I am driven by the knowledge that if we, as individuals, do not act now, the future for our children and grandchildren will be difficult and unsustainable.

Cheryl Monk

Group Moderator

Cheryl is our newest moderator who has volunteered to support us run and moderate the Eco Essex Rehome Reuse Repurpose Facebook group. 

Sue Pycraft

Group Moderator

Sue Pycraft is a mother and grandmother in the Southend area with an enthusiasm for repurposing items and optimising second hand items. With this in mind Sue is a keen artisan and one of our moderators for the Eco Essex Rehome Reuse Repurpose group also.

If you are interested in joining the team to help with the running of our community and want to help us inspire more people, please contact Sam at ecoessex@gmail.com