This section is for you the individual wanting to make changes to your lifestyle. Whether that’s bringing up your kids in a more sustainable way or wanting to make your home more efficient, there’s tonnes of guidance and support to be found through the resources listed here.

Follow or join the communities listed on this page for support.

Eco Essex Page

Discover the latest campaigns, events and key news to inspire you.

All posts here are shareable, so we hope that you will find our information and resources beneficial and that you will then tell your friends, as the ripple effect of having these important.

Eco Essex Group

This is a private group for discussions, suggestions, tips and support about any eco related topic, especially those specific (but not restricted) to the location of Essex .

Please post your eco questions relating to eco living or business on this group.

Eco Essex Group Admins

This is a group for admins of other eco facebook groups around Essex who would like to be supported by us with our pre-written visuals to encourage engagement and help build your local eco communities

Rehome, Reuse & Repurpose Group

This group was set up to rehome your random junk! The items that would usually get sent to landfill can now be rehomed, repaired or upcycled by someone else.

Whether it is your scrap carpet, cardboard boxes, pallets, textiles, or those broken items that need some TLC, this group is our biggest one of all and has saved thousands of items from being wasted!

Education Facebook Group

Are you a teacher wanting to know how you can incorporate sustainability into your school and lessons?

Are you a parent helping out at a PTA wanting to raise funds for your school in a more sustainable way?

If so, please join our Education facebook group and make the most of our School resources section here.

Local Eco Facebook Groups

We suggest that you join your local eco facebook group too, as this is where you can begin to make a vital difference in your own community.

This way, you can connect with local people about local issues, meet your local Councillors, join in local litter picking events and campaign for local issues.

See the list of local town / city Eco Facebook groups across the County. ​

If there’s not a group in your area, consider starting your own with support from our team.

Get in touch to find out how we can support you with starting up a group. Contact Sam at