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We see the enormous responsibility but amazing potential that the business industry has for looking after our environment and we want to help you become a more eco-conscious business!

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We encourage businesses to join our main Eco Essex group to gain tips, support and ideas on how to run your business in a more eco-conscious way, regardless of your trade.

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As consumers, we can try our best to make changes in our homes and lives but, ultimately, our lifestyle choices are influenced by what is readily available. As such, there is a need for Businesses who take the lead in facilitating change towards a greener future.

As consumers, we can try our best to make changes in our homes and lives, but our choices are influenced by what is readily available. Therefore, there is a need for Eco Businesses, who take the lead in facilitating change.

It’s not that consumers don’t want to use a reusable cup, buy plastic free products or support the fair working standards of international workers…

The issue is that the average business isn’t offering these goods and services as the norm or educating consumers about the importance of making these changes.

If businesses have the courage to lead as Eco Businesses, then they can inspire consumers to learn new environmentally-friendly and more ethical behaviours and make this the ‘new norm’.



Eco Essex shares simple ideas which you can implement, which can not only be better for the environment and people but will often save you money…or even make you money!

Whatever the size and purpose of your business, we can help!

You don’t need to overhaul your entire business to make a big impact. Any small step you take today is one in the right direction. After all, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step!

Mentoring for the eco-conscious business

With a background in Occupational Therapy, Sam has spent her entire adult life supporting others to reach their goals.

A combination of this background, her passion for – and knowledge of – sustainable service development, and a plethora of practical and affordable tips, she is the perfect person to offer Eco Business mentoring support. She is constantly developing her expertise in this field, having recently completed courses on sustainability and circular economy.

As a seperate role, away from Eco Essex, Sam is now offering eco business mentoring at a fee. Please email her or see her personal linked in page for more details. 

The session with Sam reignited my passion, gave me the huge kick up the rear that was needed. But with Sam it was done an inspiring way, no guilt trip, just a help to focus myself. Sam has a way of making you feel like you can aim high, and that even if you hit a bump in the road, you are still on the right road. With her mentorship, she also makes you feel like you are not travelling alone. Worth every penny, in fact she is worth so much more.

Lesley, Mad Patch Designs

Could your business benefit from an Eco Mentoring Session with Sam? Get in touch!

Find out more details about Sam’s eco business mentoring at her personal LinkedIn page