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Anything you give goes towards the upkeep of running Eco Essex.

Ways to support us

‘Buy me a coffee’

We do not, in fact, buy coffees with these donations! But if it’s an easier way for you to support Eco Essex, then you can make a contribution to our running costs here.

The ripple effects of spreading messages

When you read something you agree with or think is useful (whether via us or any other reliable environmental source), then engaging with that post and sharing it means you are helping to spread those positive messages. 

We believe our role isn’t about just being ‘eco’ at home in isolation, but about spreading the word by making environmental topics part of our everyday conversations and even our social media posts. To do that, we need your help! 

Eco Essex has grown significantly since it started in 2018, but we still have a long way to go if we want to make a dent of a difference within Essex and beyond. Therefore, please share our content, recommend us to your friends and help with that ‘ripple effect’ by spreading positive and beneficial information to support your loved ones on their eco journey. 

Be a part of the Eco Essex team

For our community to work, we realised early on that we simply couldn’t do it alone!

Therefore, we have a team of people who support us in a variety of roles, such as being a Facebook group moderator, making social media posts, writing blogs and supporting us at events.

We are always looking for more ambassadors to join our team, as saving the planet is a pretty big job, so if you can spare as little as one hour a month, then we may be able to find a role for you!

If you are interested in joining our team then email us at