Grassroots action, global change

Eco Essex is here to support you on your eco journey. We’re passionate in our belief that there’s no one right way to live eco-consciously, but that if we each make small changes, together we can change the world.

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Eco Business

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About Us

Where did Eco Essex start, and where are we going? Learn all about the people behind this movement.

Group members supported on their eco journey
Group members saving their random items from landfill by Reusing Rehoming Repurposing


Five things you can do to make a positive difference

Move your money to an ethical bank

Switch to a green energy provider

Join a local activist or Eco community

Make more plant-based diet choices

Reduce your car and plane journeys

The Eco Essex team

Hannah Dalton and Sam Shelley founded Eco Essex in 2018. What started as a small Facebook group, has evolved into an online community hub.