Grassroots action, global change

Eco Essex is here to support you on your eco journey. We’re passionate in our belief that there’s no right way to live eco-consciously, but that if we each make small changes, together we can change the world.

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Eco Business

There's so much scope for reducing your Business's impact on the world in which it operates - find out how!


Our 4000-strong online Facebook community is a powerful force for change - find the group for you!

About Us

Where did Eco Essex start, and where are we going? Learn all about the people behind this movement.

Members interested in learning about eco living
Members working to Rehome, Reuse and Repurpose

Struggling with shampoo bars? Baffled with bamboo? Or just don’t know what to do when?

We run a free online community with 4000+ members, to support you on your eco journey. We also have groups dedicated to Business, Rehoming your unwanted, random belongings, Education, and Sanitary Wear.

As well as our free community support, we offer various other services such as face-to-face and online workshops, and offer eco  mentoring to help your household and/or business reduce its carbon footprint and optimise its eco-potential.

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Looking for a place to start?

Our Workshops will ease you in.

This workshop has been written with small businesses in mind who want to make some small changes to become more environmentally & ethically sustainable.

In this workshop, I give you tips and ideas on how to make more eco friendly choices this Christmas whilst giving you control to make the best decisions for you and your family

This workshop is all about how to save money through being sustainable.

Look out for other  resources, collaborations, courses, workshops and mentoring that Eco Essex offers as we are always thinking of new ideas to support you. 

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The team

Hannah Dalton and Sam Pitman founded Eco Essex in 2018. As well as collaborating with other great initiatives and campaigns, they also work with local group admins to optimise the Essex wide environmental impact.