We’re proud of what we have achieved since our inception in 2018.

Eco Essex have been serving the local community and beyond with practical tips and advice, and sharing everything we know about environmental sustainability from a local to a global level. We believe that to achieve real, lasting and viable change, we must work together and take individual responsibility for the choices we make every day.

Therefore, we are proud to work with others who share our environmental values within Essex and beyond to optimise our full impact.

See below for our collaborations and achievements to date:

Attending and inspiring the public at various events​

Our temporary HQ Events 2020

Supporting local campaigns such as Pesticide Free Essex

Introducing online mentoring support to individuals and businesses

eco kitchen subscription box

Collaborating with Rebyl Vybes to provide mentoring support for the clients that purchase their new eco starter kit

School campaigning such as asking schools to re-think their Christmas card policy and our more recent one asking schools to encourage parents not to idle their car engines outside

Qualified teachers writing an Education newsletter for other teachers

After a surprise nomination by our members, we made the finalists of the BBC Essex Make A Difference Awards! 

Partnered on the Sustainable School Fundraising event with Jen Gale from Sustainable(ish)